Hey everybody,

Thought I would kick things off with a little rundown for how I ended up using Doit.im with my daily driver being Android (and the web interface when at work/home). Would be curious how you all got here.

I have played around with just about every GTD service out there. I usually know right off the bat whether the system will work for me or not. Many (in my estimation) are overly complicated and I have spent way too much time in the past "getting things set up" or constantly tweaking things. I probably spent the most amount of time over the years with Toodledo and then most recently (over the last year) with Nirvana. Toodledo is a fantastic swiss army knife of organization options, but requires major tweaking to make it work with GTD. I also found that the user experience with Android apps to be lacking. Nirvana on the other hand is very simple and pure to GTD, but the lack of development, communication and no Android app ultimately drove me away.

I had played around with Doit.im in the past but it just did not stick for some reason. I came back to it this past month, fully committed to using it and have been pretty happy ever since. I love the Android app and the widget/integration with the OS. Sure there are a few things that I would like to see fixed or developed, but I am confident that the developer is active, communicates and is heading in the right direction.

My hope is that these forums can grow to be as active as my experience in the Toodledo and Nirvana forums.