I'm using Doit.im cause it's the only affordable digital tool (which is not exclusive for Mac...) that has a working methodology which is very similar to GTD . It's the only one I feel somewhat in control over my ongoing tasks.

However, there are so many basic "little" issues with the current implementation of current features, and no sign of ongoing development. For months and months the only thing we get here are bug fixes or "advanced" half-cooked things like the Evernote option (which is very lacking in comparisons to other apps in that regard such as PocketInformant or IQtell). No road-map, no company interaction with the users on the threads here - hello anybody home? Is this ship sailing towards implementing some of the users ideas or is it "bug fixes" only (I don't have crashes on my iphone) until the next version in 2 years or so? (just my guess...) Give us a sign of life please.

Also, people are suggesting in this forum all sorts of "big" and innovative ideas for future features, but what we should all do really is focus all our user base power on requesting first for the developers to perfect the existing features and design.
Why ask for stuff like "linking tasks" or "project templates" (which are both cool!) when the developer still hasn't implemented choosing a goal when creating a new task? basic. Or quick add item to Next and not only to inbox/scheduled? basic. And many more basic needs for improving workflow with the CURRENT features, which are all over this forum.

All of this frustration comes of course from the love to the app, which is why I mentioned at the beginning that this is still my favorite GTD tool, despite the issues.

End of rant for now :)