Students nowadays cannot do without laptops. During the old times, students need to bring at least 3 books to school. It gets worse as the education level get higher. Nowadays, even the submission of manuscripts is digitalized, exams are online and note takings are typed.

According to the Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals based in Taiwan, age bracket below 35 is the largest market for gadgets and other digital accessories. A large majority of this market purchases accessories which are considered necessity in school. A survey was conducted in many developing cities and most college students in Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand and Taipei, Taiwan are prone to buying accessories which cannot only enhance the features of their laptop but can also make them trendy.

If you are planning to buy presents for a student, you might as well consider some laptop essentials his gadget can’t do without (of course, you have to make sure he has a laptop first).

1. Laptop Backpack

Some girls may find this a little bulky but for those whose main concern is to carry their laptops as conveniently as they could, laptop backpack is available with a lot of features on it. The ability to tote all of their books, notebooks, and laptop in the same bag makes this product a valuable asset for a student. Many companies make laptop backpacks designed with a number of different compartments to accommodate all of a student's needs, including a special padded section to store a laptop safely. Whether on foot or by bike, students can securely carry all of their gear around campus using this accessory.

2. Cable Lock

Analysts had suggested the use of cable locks since there are a lot of fraudulence among students. A cable lock is an important tool whenever you have to leave your laptop unattended for a while whether in the dorm or in a canteen or with somebody you know.

3. External Hard Drive

Every student admits to having more than a thousand files stored in their laptop, especially those who are taking editing and layout as major or those who degrees in Information Technology and Digital Arts. Moreover, the files, reviewers, documents, images, presentations and other media needed while studying weigh more than just the 500 GB their internal storage allows. External Hard Drive can also serve as backup in case of virus alerts and for more convenient file transfer from one device to another.