Wondering if there is a recommended way to handle the 5 Horizons of Focus?

For example, 10,000 Foot list of projects seems obvious that you would review the PROJECTS functionality of Doit.im.

20,000 Foot (Areas of Responsibility) - seems like a recommended best practice is to have each area defined in the GOALS functionality.

30,000 Foot (6 to 24 month goals) - again, this seems intuitively managed in the GOALS functionality

40,000 Foot (3 to 5 year vision) - is this something also best kept in GOALS?

50,000 Foot (Life Purpose) - perhaps also something in GOALS?

I would like be able to review each Horizon at various frequencies and also be able archive when some things are done (e.g, when a goal is achieved, when a project is done, when a area of responsibility changes) to look back every once in a while or to use as reference...

I welcome suggestions for best practices people have found that seems to work for them...