Hi everyone. I'm a newbie at GTD. I'm evaluating Doit.im & todoist. So far Doit.im is wining. Todoist seems more like a glorified task manager. Though thats not saying that todoist doesn't have its advantages because it definitely does.

Anyways, i digress, one of the first questions i have is on projects. So you have project A. You enter a bunch of task that you need to do for the project. Generally all the tasks in the project you can't do in parallel so Task B will have to wait for Task A before your able to do it. You don't want it showing up in your Next Action list otherwise you'll get a list of stuff you can't do yet. So what should you mark it as? "Waiting for" doesn't really sound right because thats reserved for tasks where your waiting on other people. "Someday" doesn't sound right either because Project A is an active project for Projects or singular tasks you plan to do in the future. I wish it was possible to just associated it with a project and not a list but i don't know that its possible