I am pretty sure each of us has stared at our walls one time or another for hours. There just seems to be a certain pull walls have when we are deep in thought or when we are contemplating. This is probably why the phrase “staring at an empty wall” has been popularized. But wouldn’t it be better if the walls we are staring at least have some substance on it?

Seriously though, we all know the struggle of designing our walls, especially when you are renting. Much more when with already furnished homes, it gets harder to think of designs which can complement the rest of the furniture and accessories.

Well, rest easy, there are already unique ways to decorate your walls without endangering the designs which your room originally has. The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominium and Residences, expert in providing luxury homes for expatriates in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia and Hong Kong, has brought together different ideas for achieving good wall designs without the need of stereotype wallpaper which can sometimes damage your walls:

1. Use mirrors

Mirrors will forever be a part of interior design of every genre. This is why it would have different sizes, width and length as well and would always be a good option to put up on a barren wall. It may not be that unique compared to other designs, yet, with the proper review and choice of layout and placement, it can make a big difference in a quiet room.

2. Post Its

This one is not advisable for people who do not like that much clutter on their walls. But if you are someone who likes to be reminded constantly, post its walls can be both creative and beneficial at the same time. You can also post a thoughtful quote each day and arrange them closely to each other, organize them by color or with a pattern depending on your taste.

3. Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are becoming more and more popular and trendy especially to young adults who are living alone. It has a lot of designs to choose from and is thin enough that it can look like a part of the wall itself. You can also change it since it is easily detachable.

4. Recyclable materials

Instead of complaining on the clutters, why not put it into good use? Maps that have accumulated as part of homeworks in elementary or unused CDs can be of good use to shimmer your walls.