Although the world has greatly improved when it comes to technology and modernity, we can only fully emphasize our futuristic potential with the wipeout of wires and cords. And we are nearing that stage. It starts with wireless personal computers through the invention of laptops, netbooks and laptops. Yet, the issue remains that these aforementioned devices cannot last long and needs to be recharged, hence, the need of chargers. Since we are aiming for a hassle-free cordless future, the development of wireless charger is a big step towards further modernizations.

While we are still used to micro-USB for charging, it seems that wireless chargers are slowly being adopted in a lot of countries. Indeed, it can be frustrating to plug and unplug your chargers whenever needed. This may be a reason why people are quick to embrace wireless charging.

According to studies and reviews, wireless charging works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Coils of wire in the base station (the charging plate) create a magnetic field as the current passes through. This field can induce an electrical current in an adjacent coil of wire without actually touching it. If this wire is part of a battery charging circuit, then you have wireless charging.

It is simple enough. Just place your phone in the charging pod and that’s it!

If you have wireless charger from The Peterson Group, Taiwan-based distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals, your smartphone must be Qi compatible. To know if your smartphone is Qi certified, a logo is placed within the device. If the logo seemed tampered, there is a big possibility of it being fraud.

There are brands, though, which still need a special case to properly charge the phones in a wireless plate as it can damage the phone itself. Make sure you ask your distributor and/or retail seller on the specifics of it. Legitimate stores and partners of The Peterson Group in Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia provides free universal mobile phone cases to protect your phones against any effects of wireless plates.

Wireless charging is not without issues though. A lot of users, especially young ones, complain of not being able to use their smartphones while charging. On the other hand, analysts argue on this issue as it helps lessen the time spent on smartphones. While the phone is charging, the user can spend quality time to other productive activities instead.

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