One of the most important "tasks" developers like can do is to help users with email. Why do we need help? We all get the following in messages:

- Requests for service (tasks/projects)
- Requests for our time (calendar)
- Requests for information (Evernote/external data source)
- Requests for communication (email/chat/video/audio)

The best way for a task/project application will help users with email is to work with popular mail apps to create plugins so that email can be captured and referenced. Ultimately the work will get on a list, scheduled and completed.

My favorite mail app on iOS and Mac is Airmail 2. It's stunning and has a "services" plugin for tasks apps....except that is not there.

Those of you reading this....please contact your mail app developer and encourage them nicely to support services for devs....please consider offering your time and talent to mail app developers like Airmail to get your service in their product.