Greetings, all...
I'm new to the app, but fairly salty when it comes to GTD-like processes and the technology to augment this. For the gory details:

Succinct version: I've worked in app dev for ~20 years. during this time I filled several civic/community roles, including travelling the world as I'm also a professional boxing scout. My son is looking to turn pro in boxing (go figure), I've authored books on different subjects, try to stay innovative in this technology thing....and thus I have a lot of balls in the air. People always ask how it is I control my scene, and as we who are passionate about this realize...trial and error.

To that end, I've tried a slew of "personal productivity management systems" and wanted to let some of you know what really goes on. A peak behind the curtain so-to-say:
1.Prod Mgr: 'We need to release this month or it's my a%8."
2. Dev Mgr: We'll bring in the time as we can.
3. Prod Mgr: It's not an option. You have to.

So corners are cut, an we then do a demo of the code for the next release.
1. Prod Mgr? "What is this?"
2. Dev: " Our new app"
3. Prod Mgr: "But it doesn't do anything I defined. None of the business rules are met"
4. Dev Mgr. "That's the only way we can get it out on time.Check out this cool slider though, pretty slick huh? "
5. Prod Manager: "What about the design we had?
6. Dev: "That's just a wish list, right? Those things cannot be developed, or it would take years for us to develop it. Hey, did you see where we added the ability for the user to include the weather his page? Cool eh?"Y

So what happens they package software and say: "This is how to use GTD" That's that.

Also understand these companies are trying to meet the demands of anyone and everyone. It's not in their best interest to cater to a specific niche group of people, now is it? They want as many people possible using their app. So you get a generic app that has a few "lists" and some other odd features (the 'cool' features that came with the library)....And guess how much thought was put in to making you more efficient? That Prod Manager is too busy checking her Facebook page to even discuss it with the engineering team (who bully her, anyway).

Any in app dev, you know just what I mean. Obviously this is not the case for every company/group...but it is stereotypical.

So I decided to build. I spent about six months going through some fairly intense activities; i.e. All throughout the day I would stop and think: "What's missing?" I would like to enter x" or "I would like to quickly gather the information for y" I then took the ticker tape and inserted it in to my machine, which bounces around like a cartoon refrigerator on the fritz...and it spit out a design for my new app.

Got 'em COACH! But PASCAL is not very popular these days. I can rock some BASIC though...and maybe sprites will come back in to fashion. C#, eh...I'd rather write the TSQL for it instead, I'm a Windows guy though, how can I create an iOS version,etc etc etc

And then I tried Here is where is differs from what I;ve seen: it truly fosters the "display only what I can be doing now" mantra in keeping a succinct list. I'm excited, and I'm looking forward to learning more about the business logic in this app, and helping it grow. In fact, if I can get the raw data I have a dashboard I might put on the ios market for this app, so it would be a reporting tool for For free of course. I just ask you give back in whatever way you can to help the community prosper...ya dig? ha ha

For more gory details on how I control my scene, in addition to some groovy GTD tips, check out my blog: