I've requested a group for this, until then I'll crank it out via a unique thread on the most viewed group.

Days 1-2:
This is as close to a framework that is aligned with my process as I've seen. It's not a matter of right or wrong/better or worse, but instead aligned with the objectives you have proven to be most effective for you.

I'm a little worried this is an orphaned product. Consequently, I'm going to partially transition until I have some confidence the app is still being supported, This includes investment dollars.

Could I transition with no new features? Probably. Yes. It's a matter of ensuring I fully ;leverage this application's functionality, and making a decision on what I'm missing compared with others. Right now...this is the app to beat.

The apps it's competing with are:
love, Love, LOVE it. The leadership there (i.e. their owner) has application development all backward however. They basically seem to have fallen a$$-backward in to some tools they present as 'the best way'. As much as I like this app, let's keep it real here.there is a huge difference between smoke and mirrors and innovation.Meaning just because it's configurable means only you put out a framework and can't keep it cutting edge...not that you are anything special: so my humble advice is to stop acting as such. Nothing fails faster than success, my good man.
To everyone else, this company will fail IMO, and do so miserably due to their owner's ("Ran") behavior. It's a shame, but in a ghoulish can't help but think "he was warned"

Jake is an innovative guy. However, the draw back for Toodledo has been extremely ugly UI, and unpleasing workflow. i also get the feeling he's about to call it quits with this app, because the framework it's written on is extremely outdated. Best case scenario is he and his team have been secretly working on a next-gen app that he will unveil soon, but I doubt it.

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