Here are several requests for features that I find lacking in do.it and that I think would enhance it:

1. Support for scheduling a repeat a task relative to its completion date, i.e. repeat x days after task has been completed? It's quite an essential part of life managing tasks in life.

2. A user option to set default reminder/s for when a task is scheduled for a specific hour rather than for an all day. When tasks are all day (which is the default) I don't want reminders, but when it's set for a specific hour I usually want a reminder, and this default option could save me a lot of time in setting up new tasks.

3. An option for users to customize the order in which attributes are presented in new task layout. When I enter a new talk I typically enter only the Name, description, start time and context. I would want these four to be grouped together, so I don't have to scroll down and search for them. For example, on your iphone app (I use the old app as your ios7 app is unusable on iphone 4) the context field is buried way at the bottom.

If you have a work plan to add any of these features at a certain date please let me know.