This annoying thing happens quite often:

1. On Monday, I type "Draft an agenda for the finance meeting on Wednesday" into Smart Add
2. I click Save, and sees the word 'Wednesday' and adds my task to Scheduled

In this example, imagine that I actually want to delegate that task to someone else next time I go through my Inbox - on Tuesday. But that task didn't go into my Inbox! I only see it again on Wednesday, and it causes chaos!

Usually this means I have to go through another step:

3. Go into Scheduled, edit the task, and put it in the Inbox where it belongs

This is very irritating, especially if I need to put collect a lot of tasks. If I want to assign a specific start/due time to a task, I can use ^ or click on the button below the text field to add a date. If I haven't done that, it's because I want it to go into the Inbox!

Could you please turn off the automatic text processing that assigns dates, for Smart Add on Android?

Thank you!