I used Doit system as a pro user for a year. But there are critical points, I wish Doit would had:
1. Default notification time. E.g. when I set time for a task, it would put a default - configurable time - notification. Todoist, for example, has option of default notification, and user can select any option. Users, that doesn't want can simply turn it off.
2. Showing only one recurring task at a time. I don't want to see other tasks, unless I check the closest. I have reminder to brush teeth every day. And it is shown both in today and tomorrow. It' annoying. The other competitors work the way I described.
3. Projects hierarchy. That's really cool stuff. Give the option, and people will find the way to use it.
4. Next. Is it possible to give an option, to pin a filter in "Focus". It's great that I have option of hiding unnecessary boxes. But puting there necessary ones would be great.
5. Changing interface. Attached suggested interface. The main idea is to reduce, even get rid of unnecessary page openings. Single-page concept.
You have got a potentially very powerful tool for applying GTD technology. Suggested changes will make closer. Your competitors doesn't have things you've got. That's why I really don't want to leave you. But as I stated above, I don't think I want to pay for "as is" Doit.
Thank you