I use Doit since a while now and find it very well set up in general. I'm able to organize and structure my daily tools all around it. Now though, I found a small but very helpfull function which is not there yet.

A way to sort the "someday" box alphabetically.

Right now I bind "someday tasks" together by putting them into an inactive project. This leads to a big list of inactive Projects, which makes it messy to decide which inactive Project I like to do next. In the inactive Projects List I like to have only projects that will certainly be started in the near future, that list would be small and easaly be repriotarized by manually sorting them.
Advantages if the someday list could be sorted by alphabet: I could bundle "someday tasks" together by putting the same prefix in front of the single tasks. That would also help with the workflow when doing a Review, because the mind would then not jump from one random topic to random to the other, but smoothly slide from one area of things to another. So would do you think?