This bug would be the only reason I will not be able to use

When I create tasks, by default they should be added to the bottom of every list

But after I have manually sorted some of older tasks, news tasks are added not to the bottom, but to some weird places, like 3rd from the top.

Here is 2 minute video I recorded to show some of it:

0:10 - new tasks are created above existing one, but in order top to bottom

0:25 - tasks are in order 1-5, after switching to project and back, they are in order 5-1

0:30 - after moving tasks 5-1 to project, they are reverted to 1-5 again

0:48 - moving a task from inbox to project, places it to the top, not bottom. Result 7,1-6

0:55 - I have moved few tasks in project manually. Now moving new task from inbox places it to totally unexpected place {2}. It was 1,2,3, moving 8, it became 1,8,2,3.

Totally broken.

I want to use GTD to make things easier and more predictable.
Right now sorting is unpredictable. It affects every platform I tried: web, android, windows.

Every new task must go to the very bottom. Of course I should be able to sort it manually later.
Can you please fix it asap?