Hi there!

One of the major things that your platform is lacking is location-based reminders. This is something that a good chunk of the various paid todo list apps contains. We all keep our smartphones with us, and if you have a smartphone app, there is no reason why you cannot tie in location-based reminders.

Right now this is one of the biggest things that will have me want to not renew the pro service at all.

I am currently working on both your platform and ToDo-Cloud. Having come from ToDoist and not being happy with how it worked for me.

ToDo-Cloud has some positives over your platform. First is the location-based reminders, second is Siri integration via a custom CalDav interface - which is quite nice, but not necessarily essential.
What is currently working against them is their GUI while being quite pretty and clean, is confusing as they are transitioning their implementation of certain things and they have not removed the GUI elements so it's confusing, especially to new users.

What is the realistic timeline and where on the roadmap are both the location-based reminders, and possible Siri integration?