Good evening,

I am Alejandro Claver, very loyal user of It´s not the first time I write you!! In first place, I wanted to congratulate the team for the improvements made in the smart phone app. I keep doing good marketing among my network, but pitifully I realize that is not a really known application in Spain at the moment, I will keep tryiing to get you more clients.
I love the application but like in everything in life, improvements can be made. I would like to ask for a Christmas present for this year, proposing the next improvements.

1- Time Tasks Calculator
I´ve seen, in the new app for Android you can add a Estimated Time for each task you edit.
I want to ask you for two easy improvements:
a - Add this feature in the web version of doit.
b - In the project window, create a window in which you can see the TOTAL amount of time estimated for the project, according to the sum of the estimated time for all the tasks in the project.
c - Design of a little gantt diagram (only considering the total planned time of the project), so you can get the feeling of how big it is this project getting. ((Please find attached an image from BITRIX24.COM...platform from which I´ve taken the idea.))
Please, consider this improvements, even if you can get to something really complex at the beginning.

2- Make a true double way sync with Google Calendar... (Nowadays you can see the tasks in Google Calendar, but when you change them in Google Calendar, those changes are no applied in the Doit app.

3- And.... another one that maybe it´s too much...Make a connection with OneNote instead of Evernote.

I hope you can reply me how possible are those changes!!

How are the rest of your projects going? Last time you told me you were working in another apps.

I´m looking forward to hearing from you!

Merry Christmas!