Let me start by congratulating you on a very good product.

I don't buy software in general, rather donate where I can to support developers but Doit.im is a rare piece of gem.

While there will always be things to improve and tweak, I need you to consider the vital part of having sub-folders.

90% of any software following on GTD doesn't support sub-projects, or sub-folders (believe me, I've tried them all). It gives the impression they are targeting housewifes, grannies and students for any serious user will sooner than later have projects with nested projects or subfolders.

I am tackling things like "Open a new plant" or "Start a new website" which can never be done on a single project with nested sub-tasks. They can have hundreds if not thousands of tasks and these projects tend to repeat themselves multiple times a year.

Please consider sub-folders, sub-projects (any number of levels) and also project templates or duplicating a project. Starting up a plant has pretty much same tasks with various options.

Thank you once again for your effort, hope you stay in business for many, many years.

Adrian Salariu