Since a couple of days I am unable to sync between the web and android app.
On android the synchronisation hangs forever.

On the web, I normally log-in via Google. I tried to do it via password and noticed that the password was flagged as "incorrect". Since my password is stored in a password manager I'm rather sure this is not true, but - just in case - I reset it to match what I had in my password manager.

Still nothing. I wanted to try logging out and logging in on the Android app, but the only option I am given is to either "sync and logout" (which doesn't work) or "lose all data and logout" (that I don't want).

I am running the app on a Galaxy Note 8 Duo fully updated. Indeed, I think (but I am *not* sure!) that the problem started when the phone updated to Android Pie.

Please help! :)