I have an important Government Return filing task which is set to repeat quarterly in Doit.im. The dates were set as - Start Time: 01/7/2019, Deadline: 03/7/2019. The task shows in the list of Scheduled - Monthly Repeating. But till today (07/7/2019), the task has not shown up in 'Today' List. This is happening in all the three platforms - Android, Web and Windows.

That means I cannot rely on 'Today' List? Its terrifying to note that I might miss such an important task as a regulatory return filing by its due date and invite penalty!!!

The screenshots of the Android screen for the Scheduled List, Today List and the Task Dates are attached for your reference please.

The task is titled 'File Nil GSTR-1 (Quarterly)...' with High Priority, whcih you can see in the Scheduled List, but NOT in Today List. You can see the Task Start Time and Deadline as 01/7/2019 and 03/7/2019 respectively.

Please check and advice.