As a task management software, if users no longer have access to it to view their data, what a terrible thing it is! Previously, Astrid officially announced that they’ve been acquired by Yahoo!.

As soon as Astrid made the announcement, many of his peers started looking for a solution to help Astrid’s users. was no exception. It is acceptable that a product ends up with stopping its service, but what we cannot put up with is data loss. is a cross-platform time and task management tool. You can enjoy its service on the Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac platforms. And now, we are ready to help you import data into!

If you want to import data from Astrid to, please email us at from your registered email. And in your email, please give us the data compression exported from Astrid or the direct download link for the data compression.

How to export data from Astrid:
  1. Sign in to your Astrid account.

  2. Click on your username at the top right corner and select “Export your data".

  3. On the page titled as “Export your Astrid data", click on “Backup my data" and then Astrid will send the data compression to your registered email.

In the process of importing into
  1. Repeated tasks are not processed.

  2. List in Astrid is processed into Project. In, a task can be assigned to one project only, so here, we just choose the first one in the Astrid lists as the task’s project.

  3. Comments and Description in Astrid are merged into Description in There are at most 10000 chars in Description.

Don’t worry, we’ll inform you via email after the import process successfully finishes.