for iPhone 4.0.4 Release Notes for iPhone 4.0.4

[Added] A tip pops up when the Archive button is clicked.

[Added] The project Start Time will be set to Someday automatically when it’s been deactivated if the project is added via Smart Add and only Project attribute is given to it.

[Improved] The presentation of Manual Sort icon in subtasks.

[Improved] The system is optimized, animation effects enhanced.

[Fixed] The sorting error occurred in task lists.

[Fixed] A no-connection tip popped up when the app had already been connected to Google Cal.

[Fixed] The problem that newly added subtasks could not be completed via checkbox.

[Fixed] The problem that a multi-line subtask was shown incompletely.

[Fixed] The problem that the Unset button couldn’t be found in Deadline setting page.

[Fixed] Multi-language problem on several pages.