for iPhone 4.1 Release Notes for iPhone 4.1

【New】Daily Plan is supported so that you’ll have your tasks better in control.

【New】Daily Review is supported so that you may review your daily tasks, view your completion rate and time spent on two graphs, and sync them into the cloud.

【New】Time Estimated and Time Spent are added on task detail page so that you may record time contrast between plan and real operation.

【New】A search bar is added into contact list when there are more than 20 contacts.

【Improved】‘Unset’ is added on tag setting popup of task detail page so that the chosen tags could be removed.

【Improved】Click areas of some buttons are prioritized for better click.

【Improved】Multi-language expressions are prioritized.

【Fixed】The problem has been fixed that repeated tasks could not be generated.

【Fixed】The reminder bug of all-day tasks and repeated tasks has been fixed.

【Fixed】The problem has been fixed that reminders could not be saved.

【Fixed】The problem has been fixed that main task could not be completed when its subtasks were added.

【Fixed】The problem of sorting inconsistency has been fixed.

【Fixed】The crash problem occurring for some has been fixed.