for Android 4.1 Release Notes for Android 4.1

【New】Daily Plan is supported so that you’ll have your daily tasks better in control.

【New】Daily Review is supported so that you may review your daily tasks, view your completion rate and time spent on two graphs, and sync them into the cloud.

【New】Time Estimated and Time Spent are added on task detail page so that you may record time contrast between plan and real operation.

【New】Today button is added on Calendar widget so that you may conveniently view today’s tasks.

【New】Sync log is added.

【Improved】Sync strategy is prioritized.

【Improved】Comments on task detail page are unfolded by default.

【Fixed】The login-on-startup problem is fixed.

【Fixed】The problem is fixed that links in comment couldn’t be clicked.

【Fixed】The problem is fixed that its subtasks were missed when a task was sent.