It is's 5-year birthday today. We wish to send our joy to over 6 million users worldwide.

We appreciate every single one of you helping, trusting and supporting us. Thank you so much for your companion. And we still hope to be with you in the coming days, to grow together, to work together with high efficiency, and to enjoy our life together.

While experiencing the enhancement on work and life brought by GTD together with you, we’ve been constructing and polishing On the occasion of the 5th birthday, we officially present you the feature of Evernote integration, and the redesigned for Web.

Evernote Integration

Evernote can be attached and viewed directly in a task. You’ll no longer need to switch between and Evernote even if a great deal of references are required.

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Support of iOS8 feature contributes to a more handy task manager

View and complete tasks in Today widget of Notifications without even opening the app. Wanna know how many tasks yet to compete? Just set box badge of Today widget in Settings.

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Newly designed for Web

The new for Web will provide you cozy experiences with friendly user interface and operation style.

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By now, the latest versions of all platforms have been released. Your trust and support is still vital for us to make even better.

Preferential for Pro Users

To express our great thanks to you for your consistent support, we bring you here on this special day the preferential with the theme of “Love your friend forever, send him/her a Pro account”.


Preferential period: Oct 10, 2014 - Oct 31, 2014 Preferential details:

  1. You may gain a coupon code of one-year Pro account if you have purchased a Pro account for 3 years and above.

  2. You may gain a coupon code of three-month Pro account if you have purchased a Pro account for 1 year and above (but less than 3 years).


  1. Whom to send: Whether you bought your Pro account previously or you buy it now during the preferential period, whether it’s a one-time purchase or you buy for several times while the sum meets the requirement, you will get the coupon code.

  2. How to send: We’ll send the coupon code to your registered email address for account on Nov 1st, 2014.

  3. How to use: Send the coupon code to your friend so that he/she will also work with more efficiency and live with no pressure. This coupon is limited to be used for free accounts which has never been turned to Pro.

  4. How to redeem the coupon code: Click on your avatar or nickname at upper left on for Web, select "Redeem", and enter the redeem code into the pop-up dialog. More details

  5. Each coupon code can only be used once.

  6. The coupon code has no expiration date.

  7. The coupon code cannot be used across servers. For example, the coupon code of Mainland account cannot be used for the International account.

Moreover, we’ve prepared 40 delicate postcards for yearly-paid Pro account users. If you are qualified, just send an email with the subject of “I want 5-year postcard”, with your registered email address for account, to, with your name, detailed address and zip code contained, and you’ll receive the postcard that we send especially for you. First come, first served. So, be quick!