When the time comes to embrace the new year, it’s always the opportunity for us to take stock of the past year. Therefore, we’ve prepared for you the Annual Transcript of Doit.im 2014, and tangible gifts for sure: Get a Pro account for free by just sharing your transcript to Twitter and Facebook.

I. How can I gain a Pro account?

Activity time period: Jan 1, 2015 - Jan 10, 2015

Gain it with just 2 steps: 1.Open your Email address registered for Doit.im account and check the mail “Get your Doit.im transcript and gain a Pro account”. (Only those who have completed 200 and above tasks would receive the transcript.)

  1. Click the Share button in the mail or upload a screenshot of your transcript, write down a comment, add the subject #Share transcript to gain Pro, @doitim and @ a friend.

Then you’ll get the chance to gain a Pro account of Doit.im. Reposting the transcripts of others will also bring you the chance.

Doit.im will single out the list of winners and the grade for each one based on the popularity index of your post, including the number of reposts/shares, comments and likes. Awards will be sent out within the week after the activity ends.

II. Awards:

· 1st Prize: Redeem code of a Pro account for one year. Quota: 3.

· 2nd Prize: Redeem code of a Pro account for six months. Quota: 10

· 3rd Prize: Redeem code of a Pro account for three months. Quota: 20

Newly registered users will get more: Redeem code of a Pro account + 30-day free trial of Pro account!

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With Doit.im Pro account, you’ll be able to

To find out more powerful features of Doit.im Pro, just click here.

III. The usage of awards

  1. After logging in at www.doit.im, click the avatar at upper left, choose to “Redeem” and enter the redeem code. It will take effect in no time. Refer to FAQ to get more info.
  2. You may apply the redeem code into your own account or send to a friend or relative. There is no limit in terms of the account type.
  3. Each redeem code can only be used for once.
  4. No deadline is set for the redeem code. You may use it any time as you want.
  5. The redeem code can not be used across server, that is, you may not apply it into an international server account if your redeem code is a China server account, and vice versa.