for Android 4.4.4 Release Notes for Android 4.4.4

[Added] Swipe right to go back to the previous page.

[Improved] The synchronization strategy has been optimized to enhance its speed and stability.

[Improved] It’s no need to enter passcode when you quickly add a task in Notification column even if you’ve already had a passcode set.

[Improved] The memory utilization has been optimized to ensure smooth operation.

[Improved] Added support to Android Lollipop.

[Fixed] The problem of inaccessibility to app through widgets has been fixed.

[Fixed] The issue that the app didn’t run smoothly on certain devices.

[Fixed] The issue that desktop widgets didn’t work on certain devices.

[Fixed] The issue that avatar couldn’t show normally on certain devices.

[Fixed] The black screen problem occurred when the swipe-right operation was performed on Android 5.0.

[Fixed] The incorrect display of time format on task bars.