»Doit.im for Mac 1.6.4

Doit.im for Mac 1.6.4 update notes:

1.Improved the feature that Notifications supported showing system messages.

2.The feature of linking to local file in task description enhanced support for data links to third party software.

3.Improved how to deal with the problem of name conflict in the process of syncing goals and contexts.

4.Fixed the bug that occurred in the date picker when dragging and dropping a project to Scheduled.

5.Fixed the bug that it was incorrectly parsed when selecting a tag containing spaces in smart-add box.

6.Fixed the bug that the refresh failed after editing a task that was opened under a project which you went to from the project list on the right.

7.Fixed the bug that caused tasks would go to a wrong box when DST took place.

8.Fixed the sync bug of deleted filters.

9.Fixed the bug that may cause the position of title and icon was displayed incorrectly when refreshing the left-side bar.