Hey, all friends of Doit.im,

First of all, many thanks for your support in the past 6 years.

We have received lots of questions from you about the next update for Doit.im. Now that there are only two weeks left of 2015, maybe it's time to tell you what we’ve been up to.

For the whole year of 2014, I’ve been thinking about how to make more people use Doit.im better.

Obviously, it should not be the way it used to be:

Step 1: read ‘Getting Things Done’
Step 2: start using Doit.im
Step 3: get the hang of Doit.im, which will then leads to boosts in both efficiency and happiness.

This way, the improvements that can be made to Doit.im are very much limited in the level of visual designs and interactive experiences, which makes it fundamentally impossible to get more people use Doit.im and use it well.

Tasks, which are the core of Doit.im, have to be manually input. For most people, it is a very unpleasant procedure. No matter it is by text or voice, input greatly increases the cost and difficulty of using Doit.im.

We have done a lot to better the experience of input. We added functionalities such as task via email, WeChat, and integrated with Evernote. However, changes were still restricted to third party systems. It was difficult to make the whole transformation process a unified and perfect experience.

We asked ourselves, how to get rid of the external restrictions? How to create a better and more complete experience?

In early 2015, we made a big decision: we are going to combine email, chat, and files and make the entire information flow fluent just using our own system. On the top of this, we will build a brand new Doit.im to complete the loop. The much wanted file attachment feature will be added, and a calendar as well.

This is a big decision, yet a great one as well. We were well aware of the upcoming obstacles, but the difficulties were more than what we have expected. Problems in new recruitment, email protocols, and file storage slowed us down. Therefore the release date are not yet settled for the moment. We sincerely apologize for this. We are trying our best to speed up the process and we could really use your help. Recommend yourselves or your friends if you wish to join us. We are eager to work with people who are enthusiastic about Doit.im just as we are, and together we will make great things happen.

Thank you!

Doit.im CEO Adams Xu