Dear users:

One or more of your Amazon EC2 instances is scheduled for maintenance on 2016-09-05, Monday, for 2 hours starting at 12:00 UTC (see this in your time zone).

Server Maintenance Time

The maintenance will require downtime, and should last 2 hours. During this 2 hours, you will no longer be able to perform any operations that require access to Login on all platforms will not work, nor will the synchronization be done. So please ensure that you have saved and synced all the important data before the maintenance begins. Again, it should be 2 hours before everything is ready. But we will also try to shorten the time of server maintenance so that you can have access to your account earlier. We feel so sorry for any inconvenience that this downtime will cause.

We persistently stick to the goal that you can have the best possible experience. Because of your great support, we can grow up so quickly. We will not disappoint you!

The upgrade will help us to have further improvement. We are confident in a much better! Team