Happy New Year to you all!

What presents do you prepare for yourself in the brand new year? It can be a phone, a pretty dress, a pair of shoes, or more than that, it can be a whole year's high efficiency!

Click here to buy Doit.im pro so as to enjoy cross-platform synchronization among iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and web versions, getting things done anywhere anytime!

To express our gratitude to our old friends, we’ve released the new year preferential:

· Period: From Jan 1, 2017 to Jan 31, 2017
· Targeted users: Those who had already brought Doit.im Pro for one year or more by Dec 31, 2016
· Instruction: The above mentioned users can be offered six months’ Doit.im Pro account as a gift if you buy one year or more during the above mentioned period.
· Time to get the gift Pro: The six-month Pro will be added into your Doit.im account on Feb 14, 2017.
· PS: The preferential may not be shared with other discounts or promotions.

Should you have any questions on the preferential, please don’t hesitate to send mail to . Thank you for your support and trust!

Doit.im helps you better enjoy your life in the new year!