Hi, I have the same problem we had to solve the last two years.
On May 29, 2016 I purchased a Snoworange subscription on Google Play for Doit.im Pro Service (Doit.im for Android).
This year the payment has been regularly made by PayPal on May 29, 2019 but, as happened the last two years, the pro version is no longer working on my smartphone and on my computer with the following message : "Your Pro account has expired. Please renew to enjoy better service".

Below the payment details from the enclosed e-mails.

Payment details from Google Play e-mail:
Order number: GPA.1351-9285-8940-77382..2
Order date: 29-mag-2019 19.25.01 CEST

Payment details from Paypal e-mail:
29 mag 2019 19:24:55 CEST
Transaction code: 9Y677083FM383423V